Thursday, March 27, 2014

Troubleshooting A Laptop Battery That Won't Charge

You've been using your laptop for a few yrs now when a a lot of a sudden you discover that your laptop battery no longer is able to hold a  charge anymore.  When this happens it mean your laptop battery needs  changing. But to avoid wasting money on a new laptop battery how about troubleshooting the problem first?  It can help narrow down the problem and save you the trouble of splurging on a new laptop battery. So onward to troubleshooting a laptop battery that won't charge.

Things You Will Need:
Isopropyl alcohol
Cotton schwab

Now let's dig in:

Turn Off The Laptop
Turn the off the laptop and unplug all power sources. Next take out the battery from the bottom of the laptop. Then slide or unlock the locking mechanism to unlock the battery. After unlocking the locking mechanism you then  slide the battery out of the laptop.Now plug the adapter into an electrical outlet, and then insert the opposite end of the adapter into the charging outlet on the side of the laptop. Next turn the laptop's power on, and if  the power doesnt come on, it' likely the adapter is faulty and has to be replaced.You can get a new adapter at But  If the power does  come on, it means the coast is clear.

Clean Battery Vents

Your next task is to clean the battery vents . First, turn the power off and remove all power sources.  Next take the battery out of the compartment, and  dip a cotton schwab in isopropyl alcohol. Now  dip the dampened swab on the battery compartment and contacts to remove possible dust  buildup.After removing the dust you then slide the battery back into the battery compartment.


Charge And Test Battery
It's time to charge and test the battery. First plug the power adapter into the laptop, and charge the battery for six hours. Next r emove the power adapter, and turn  the laptop on for 30 minutes. If the laptop is able to stay on for 30 minutes, the coast is clear.If not, then the battery needs to be replaced. You can get a replacement at    Battery Edge  or Laptops For Less


How To Pump Some Life Into Your Old Laptop Battery

That's a wrap for "Troubleshooting A Laptop Battery That Won't Charge." 

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