Monday, August 1, 2016

How To Troubleshoot A Laptop DC Jack

Is your laptop battery failing to charge?Or is your laptop losing power? Chances are there could be a problem with your laptop DC jack. But not to worry! I'm going to show you how to how to troubleshoot a laptop  DC Jack

Equipment you'll need for troubleshoot

  • a Phillips-head screw driver

Now onward to the troubleshoot

Shake Adapter Cable
Gently shake the adapter cable while it's connected to the jack and a wall socket. If the adapter goes off  intermittently,  your adapter could be experiencing a short circuit or the jack could be bad.

Turn Power Off
In that case turn the laptop power off. and unplug the power cord from the jack. Leave the adapter plugged in the outlet.

Measure DC Voltage
Set the multi-meter to measure theDC voltage on the adapter. The DC voltage is marked by a line above three dotted lines . You then plug the probes into the voltage and COM sockets according to their color codes.

Turn Off The Laptop and Remove The Battery
To further investigate the DC jack problem, first turn off the laptop and remove the battery. Then start disassembling the laptop by removing the screws.Then remove all internal components, until you arrive at the motherboard.  When you reach the motherboard, remove all screws holding the motherboard and then remove the motherboard. 

Now take a close look at  power jack at the edge of the motherboard. Look for signs such as  loose soldering between the jack and the motherboard, nearby burn marks that indicate electrical arcs, or any signs of looseness. If these signs are evident, it means the power jack has lost contact with the motherboard.

Now that this diagnosis has been established, you then go on to to fix the  Dc jack. But we'll touch on this next time. 

That's a wrap for"How To Troubleshoot A Laptop DC Jack". Next time we'll touch on how to fix the Dc jack like I promised. If you have a question or comment, drop them in the reply dialog box.

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