Monday, April 7, 2014

How To Get Your Laptop Video Card Working Again

Video cards are absolutely crucial to the excitement of playing your favourite video games. Thry sends signals to outside monitors and process information from all that swashbuckling action emanating from video games. The last thing you want is physical damage to your laptop video card, but there are are ways of correcting system errors with the video card. Let's see how to get your laptop video card working again.

Use Clean Cloth to Clean the Air  Vents
Use clean cloth to clean the the air  vents located at the bottom of the vent. The air vents helps blow in the air around the video card to prevent overheating.Then spray a little compressed air into the air vents. This should help remove any lingering dust hanging  on the video card. It should also help the video card breath in air that much easier.

Make Sure Your Laptop Monitor's Cable is Connected
Now make sure your laptop monitor's cable  is  properly connected to your video card's connection ports. If the connection is loose, you won't see the exciting action from your video games. Then Install new drivers, because if the drivers are not updated, your video card malfunctions, causing your video display to hang.

Install  Video Card Driver
Download  new video card drivers Go online  to your manufacturer's website.  Then choose "Support" "Download," and select the Operating system you're running on your laptop. Next Click on the  option indicating the laptop you're using, and then choose the "Download Driver Option." This should  install the latest video card driver on to your laptop drive.Then double-click the new driver to open its Installation Wizard software. And  then follow the series of prompts to finally install the driver on your laptop Finally restart your laptop and your video card should work like a charm.

That's a wrap on "How To Get Your Laptop Video Card Working Again." 

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