Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Laptop Fell To The Ground

Okay, here is the situation. You leave a laptop to a trusted friend because you have to go on a trip. Upon your return, your so called trusted friend gives you the dreaded news that you don't want to hear" THE LAPTOP FELL TO THE GROUND!"

You then say to your "Oh My God!I hope nothing is broken in there!"   Sorry pal,  anytime  a lap top crashes to the ground, the probability of a few screws or body parts fallen off are quite real-It's a fact of laptop life. So to allay your fears, I'm going to talk about the laptop parts that usually take a hit when the laptop falls to the ground and how to nurse them back to health and what to do when all else fails!

LCD Monitor
The LCD monitor is usually the first body part to scream discomfort when your laptop hits the ground. When the lap top hits the ground, the  screen either doesn't turn on or dims out. Now how do we diagnose a broken Laptop screen?, first, assuming the laptop is set to an external monitor we press the Fn key in the lower  left hand corner and the corresponding key between F1 and F12 at the top. You should get a picture of two monitors using either key. If that doesn't happen, you move on to the next test, which is, plugging in an external monitor where we want to ascertain the health of your video card and whether your screen shows on the external monitor. If the screen doesnt show on the external monitor, then it means it's time to get a new LCD monitor.. However, the good news is that the video card is intact!

Laptop Hinge
If you suspect that your laptop hinge has unhinged from your laptop crashing to the ground, get your screw driver ready. First remove the covers hiding the screws and holding the hinge. Once the covers are removed, you then attempt to tighten the two screws with the screw driver. If you find the screws are still tight, then the problem goes much deeper than that , meaning it's time to get new hinges

Laptop Keyboard Keys
Naturally, when your laptop takes a hit your keyboard keys  bear the brunt of the crash. No one knows why they disappear from the keyboard but they just do. When that happens, buy yourself a spanking new keyboard. It may be expensive, but it saves you the trouble of hunting for the exact replica of the lost key.

Lost Laptop Power
Lost Laptop power is  the scenario most laptop owners  fear the most when their laptops come crashing down. The first thing that comes to mind is "Oh My God Please don't tell me I have to buy a new one!" Well, the good news is you don't necessarily have to buy a new one, but I'll tell you a few things to look out for! First, check to see whether the blue led light on your adapter is on or off. If the light is on, then your adapter is in the clear. If it's off then your adapter is bad. 

Even if the light is on, it doesn't necessarily mean your laptop is in good health.  You will need to turn off the laptop, remove the battery and and unplug the power adapter from the wall.  Now plug the power adapter into the laptop and shake it slightly. If it feels loose then the solder(the metal alloy in the adapter) is broken, causing  a disconnection between the power plug and the motherboard inside the laptop.  When this scenario takes place, you're off to the repair shop again! Your  PC tech shouldn't find any difficulty fixing your power problem.

So that's a wrap on "The Laptop Fell To The Ground.." if you  suffer the indignity of losing your laptop to the laws of gravity,don't panic. All is not lost. Just try out the above suggestions and you'll be just fine. Cheers!

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