Monday, October 3, 2016

Tell Tale Signs That A Video Card Is Dying

Diagnosing tell tale signs of a dying video card can be difficult because the sympoms are not exclusive to video cards.  They can also suggest other hidden problems, so dont read your video card its last rights yet. You'd do well  to eliminate other potential hazards that could be lurking in the back ground.

One sure tell tale sign of a dying video card is overheating.  Hardare efficiciency slows down with time. To avoid overheating, clean out air dust and other build up from the laptop's interior. If the car is still hot, it may be reaching its sell by date.

On and off Freezing
If your operating system freezes on and off or crashes during vidoe-intensive tasks, you video card could be the culprit. Or if you get the dreaded blue of screen, it could be one of the drivers. Fortunately it is usually listed when the screen flashes blue. But if the driver in question is a video driver, it may indicate the card is dying.

Degraded performance..A video driver may also be dying if  previously robust games or movies are either running sluggishly or not at all. Your drivers could also be out of date so you'd do well to update them.  You also need to eliminate  problems such as hardware changes or programs running in the background.

Video not working at all
The most predictable sign that your video card is dead or dying is if your video card is not worrking at all.  This happens when you cant see anything on your screen or if your operating system isunable to detect your video card.

Now that you've learnt hwo to troubleshoot a dying video card, how about learning how to salvage a dying video card?

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