Friday, February 5, 2016

Inverter Board Has To Go

You've trying fixing your laptop inverter, but it keeps getting dark. So you sadly conclude, "Yep it's about that time. The inverter board has to go."  In case some of you have forgotten, the inverter board is  circuit board in your laptop that passes electronic current to the LCD.  It basically gives light to the LCD. And when it fails to do its job, you know it's time for a replacement. So let's see how we can replace the faulty inverter board.

Tools  needed for exercise

  • Phillips#2 screwdriver
  • Flat-headed screwdriver
  • Container For Screws
  • Antistatic wrist strap

Now onward to the exercise

Turn Off The Power
Turn off the power to your laptop. Close the screen and unplug the power chord. Disconnect all power cables connect to the laptop.

Flip The Laptop Over
Flip the laptop over to view the battery pack on the bottom of the laptop. After flipping the laptop over, slide the battery latch to the left, and as you hold it, gently remove the battery from the laptop.  Once you are through with  taking the battery out of the laptop, flip flip the laptop Right up again, and open the display screen.

Pry Open The Keyboard Edge Bezel
Pry open the keyboard edge bezel with the flat head screw driver.(The keyboard edge bezel is located under the LCD display screen).  To pry open the edge cover, start on the right side of the edge vessel, and work your way slowly  across the bottom of the edge bezel with the screw driver. After taking off the edge cover, remove it and set it aside.

Unscrew The Screws
Unscrew the screws located above the function keys on the keyboard.  Then use your fingers to lift the top edge of the the keyboard to give you access to the ribbon cable that connects to the motherboard. Next remove the keyboard cable  connector from the motherboard.

Pry Open The Rubber Screw Covers
Use the flat-head screw driver to open  the small rubber screw covers along all four sides of the LCD screen.

Remove Screws  On Edges Of LCD Display
After removing rubber screw covers, set the screws aside in a small container.

Insert Flathead Screw Driver Into Small Crevice
Insert the tip of the flat-head screw driver into the crevice located between the front and rear pieces of the LCD screen's plastic bezel.  Next, separate the two pieces of the bezel. Next remove the front bezel to gain access to the inverter board.

Unplug Harness Cable
Unplug the small harness cable from the left side of the inverter board  that leads to the inverter board. Then unplug the small cable plug leading to the LCD back light bulb on the left side of the inverter board.

Remove Two Retaining Screws 
Remove the two retaining screws that secure the inverter board to the rear bezel assembly. And pull the faulty inverter board out and set it aside.

Slide New Inverter Board Into Its Slot
Slide the new inverter board into its slot to replace the old inverter board. Then use the retaining screws to  tighten the new inverter board  to the rear bezel assembly. Then connect the motherboard and back light cables to the new inverter board.

That's a wrap on "Inverter Board Has To Go" Till next time take care.

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