Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Fix Your Freezing Laptop

One Fine day, you are working on Your Compaq laptop which is equipped with Windows 7  . All of a sudden your laptop decides to freeze up on you without warning(Terrible isn't it?). You hit all your keys hoping it works again. But  you can see your desktop, icons and all. You wonder 'Okay  maybe it's a virus I'll do a virus scan. You'll do a virus scan and STILL, the laptop freezes. You're like 'What is going on here? Well, there are a couple of reasons why your laptop is doing the freeze on you.  Allow me to diagnose the causes of your problem and then show how to fix your  your freezing laptop
Your Laptop is Overheating.
It is highly possible that the cause of your laptop freeze is that your laptop is overheating. Wanna know why? One thing you need to understand is that your laptop is portable;thus, your hardware components are susceptible to failure more so than a desktop. Check the ventilating area around your laptop( where air blows out of). Then put your hand around the vent to check whether the air is coming out of there.  If you see any dust build up, get some canned airspray and blow the dust out of there. You can get the canned air at your nearest store. If not, buy it here .    One sure way of diagnosing overheating is booting your laptop and enter your laptop's System Set Up. After entering your system, let your laptop run for about 20 minutes. If it  freezes again, it means your laptop overheating problems.
You've Got the Wrong Drivers
Another reason why your laptop keep freezing maybe that you've got the wrong drivers. Laptops are very touchy about being equipped with the right drivers for  the exact make and model. Major laptop brands such as Dell , HP, Acer , and Sony. The driver you need to be concerned about is the video card drive as it is helps start your laptop. Make sure you you visit your laptop's website to see if there are no updates concerning the video driver. If there the video card has been updated, go ahead and download it to your laptop. To check whether your hardware drivers are up to date I suggest you download DriverScanner.   It works behind the scenes, making sure your all your drivers are up to date.
Your Windows Registry is Cluttered
Another cause of your laptop's deep freeze is that your windows registry is cluttered. You're probably going "Why is that" This is because every time you install a new application, such as a game,  entries are made into your laptop registry.  If for some strange reason, out of boredom, you decide to uninstall the game, it does not mean that the application has been gotten rid of-Far from it. The entries will still reside in your registry, causing them to build and also freezing your PC or your laptop will slow down. In that case I suggest you get a registry cleaner to relieve your laptop from all that waste. One of the best out there is Regicleanse. It is  has quite a great reputation for reliability. You can download it for a free  scan.
Your Operating System  Files are Corrupted
It is also possible that your laptop is freezing ever so often because your operating system files are corrupted. This is causes by the dreaded blue screen, and your operating system can freeze by locking up hard and not rebooting. In that case you will need to do a windows repair on your laptop.  Make sure you have your& Windows Recovery CD to do the repair work. Just make sure you back up all your data before doing the recovery, or else you will lose all your data.

So there you have it. This is how you fix your freezing laptop. First check for possible overheating,  and make sure you all your drivers are updated and installed. If these two things pan out then the cause of your laptop freeze could be your operating system files. In that case you do a Windows Repair which shouldn't take more than 30 minutes

And if you want to learn how to fix your own laptop instead of going splurging lots of money on techies Download Official Laptop Repair Videos.  And as an accompaniment to the videos, I suggest you download The Laptop Repair Workbook: An Introduction to Troubleshooting and Repairing.   This handbook  includes troubleshooting flowcharts for hardware problems and explains every decision point. And it also includes all  basic laptop terminology as well.

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