Monday, May 16, 2011

My Laptop Monitor Has Gone Black!

Okay, here is the situation. You  turn on your Dell laptop,  bootable by Windows 7 , when all of a sudden, you discover that your laptop monitor has gone black. You're like 'it's bad enough that my screen turns blue, but now black? somebody tell me something I don't know!" Well, news flash! the black screen also exists just like the Black Plague several centuries ago. And  the following could be the cause of the darkness enveloping your laptop screen.

Your CD still in Your  CD-ROM

This occurs when you your CD is still in your CD-ROM. Obviously you forgot to take it out after watching your favorite movie or music video. How to resolve this problem? Just get the CD out of the CD-ROM and restart the PC.

The following, if corrupted could also cause your laptop screen to turn black. They are:

  • Master Boot Record
  • partition tables
  • Boot Sector
  • NTDLR File

 To  solve this problem you need a   Windows 7 Recovery CD.


  • Restart your laptop to safe mode

  • Press the F8 key while your laptop is starting
  • Then create windows xp boot disk to start the laptop(To learn how to create a boot disk this is the url: )
  • Next, start the laptop. If you dont get any error messages, then the cause of the black screen could be the master boot record boot sector, and the NTDLR File 
  • In that case, back up all your data before  fixing the boot sector.   

Now  you have verify whether the partitions that you carried out are correct.

  • ·         Click on ‘Start’ at the left bottom of your screen

  • ·         Right-Click on ‘My Computer”

  • ·         Click “Manage”

  • ·         Expand ‘”Storage”

  • ·         Click  “Disk Management”

If the errors still exist or you’re still having difficulty starting your boot disk, you may have to reinstall Windows 7 .

If you want learn some more about how to fix your  laptop Download Ultimate Laptop Repair Videos in HD and The Laptop Repair Workbook: An Introduction to Troubleshooting and Repairing Laptop Computers .

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